Monitoring a Quantum Superloader3 Tape Library with Xymon


The instructions and script that follow are intended to be used to monitor a Quantum Superloader3 Tape Library and report back its status information to a Xymon monitoring server for monitoring and alerting.

Here you will find the most current versions of our:

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Install the custom external server-side Xymon script

- Copy the bash shell script below to ~xymon/server/ext/ on your Xymon server
- Set the ownership and execution permissions on the script

chown xymon:xymon ~xymon/server/ext/
chmod +x ~xymon/server/ext/

Edit the script to match your environment

- The script is pretty well documented, but you may need to modify just a couple of the pre-configured variables to suit your environment:

  • Local system binaries: (WGET)
  • library: The IP address or FQDN of your Quantum Superloader3 Tape Library
  • user: The username to use when logging into the Quantum Superloader3
  • pass: The password to use when logging into the Quantum Superloader3
  • chk_lcd: Set this to "1" if you want to have the script consider the LCD output when determining the status color to report back to the Xymon server. The Quantum Superloader's LCD display alternates between messages so you may wish to ignore it to help prevent alert "flapping"
  • display_slots: Set this to "1" if you want the script to poll the tape slot information and report it back to the Xymon server
  • ADMINMSG: Custom text (not required) that you want to be pre-pended to the Xymon report. This text will always appear at the top of the SuperLoader status page on your Xymon server

Tell Xymon (hobbitlaunch) to start running the new script

- Tell Xymon to start running the new external script by adding these lines to the ~xymon/server/etc/hobbitlaunch.cfg file on your Xymon server:

        ENVFILE $BBHOME/etc/hobbitclient.cfg
        CMD $BBHOME/ext/
        INTERVAL 5m

- Wait a few minutes and you should see a new column called SuperLoader on your Xymon page
- Click on the SuperLoader icon and you should see the current status of your SuperLoader server similar to the image below:

- Of course, this yellow status page is just an example. You will always want your SuperLoader status page and the rest of your Xymon status pages to be green!

Xymon Quantum Superloader3 Tape Library Script

xymon_quantumsuperloader_check.sh14.18 KB

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