Database Servers

Database Servers

PostgreSQL and MySQL are two well-known, open-source database systems. When you do not need the high costs of purchasing and the recurring costs of licensing you would incur when purchasing a closed-source database from Microsoft, or Oracle, these two fully capable databases may fit the bill.

In an recent Evans Data Corporation article posted regarding open source databases, the following was stated: "Concerns over stability, expense and how well a database plays with others are leading a quickly growing number of developer's companies to seriously consider and implement an open source database solution, we expect this trend to continue as the open source offerings are continually improved upon," said Joe McKendrick, Evans Data's database analyst.

Several of our clients use postgresql or mysql as their database system where their needs range from very small to quite large and mission critical!

Other Database Systems

Reverse Polarity LLC has extensive experience and proven expertise with other database systems such as SQL Server, and FileMaker Pro, MS Access, and others.

Most Reverse Polarity LLC clients use a mixture of database systems and services on their site which run on Linux, FreeBSD, Apple, and/or Microsoft