Useful Scripts


This page is a central location where we will try to gather all of the the scripts we have written that we think may be useful to others.

Xymon Scripts

The following scripts are for use with the Xymon Monitoring Server:

  • - Monitor Quantum Superloader 3 Tape Libraries and report the device's information back to a Xymon Monitoring Server. Alert if there are Tape Alert Flags reported or other errors detected.
  • xymon_m0n0CFG.rb - Monitor m0n0wall firewalls and report back the m0n0wall's version, platform, uptime, last config change date/time, and notes fields to a Xymon Monitoring Server. Alert if the firewall has been up less than 24 hours and alert if the configuration has been modified.
  • - Monitor and graph a ControlByWeb module's temperature readings on a Xymon Monitoring Sever. Monitor and alert for temperatures increasing, decreasing, or outside of a range. Also you may simply graph the temperature readings without alerting.
  • - Control the relays on a ControlByWeb module during a Xymon alert.
  • - Monitor a Bacula Backup server and alert when jobs have failed or when a job requires operator attention.
  • xymon_nut_*.sh - Monitor UPS readings - AC input/output voltages, battery voltage, battery charge %, and UPS load % from a NUT (Network UPS tools) server and report the readings back to a Xymon monitoring server for logging, graphing and alerting.

Coraid Scripts

The following scripts are for use with Coraid AoE (ATA over Ethernet) storage devices:

  • - Uses Coraid's aoe-stat and aoe-ping utilities to check the status of one or more Coraid lblades
  • - Uses expect and Coraid's cec program to check the status of one or more CoRAID shelves. Given a list of CoRAID shelves to check, this script will check the output of the expect script against known good output

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