Monitoring Your Bacula Backups With Xymon

In a recent post to the Bacula mailing list, someone had asked if there was a way to alert their Nagios network monitoring server when their Bacula backup server was waiting on an operator to change a tape.

At Reverse Polarity, we have been installing and supporting Xymon for years - as far back as when it began as plug-in to the "Big Brother" network monitoring server.

Xymon is an open-source network monitoring program with an easy to use web interface. Since someone was asking about a Nagios plugin to monitor their Bacula server it only seemed logical that someone might want a way to monitor Bacula with a Xymon server.

As it turns out, someone DID want a Xymon monitor for Bacula - Us!

As luck would have it we had already written a Xymon script to monitor our Bacula server and alert if a backup job had failed. All our script needed was some minor additional features and some finishing touches for it to be ready to be released for others to use.

I am excited to say that the script, which is available HERE was announced on the Bacula users mailing list and the Xymon users mailing list on June 4th, 2010 and within 10 minutes was being downloaded and implemented by others!

posted from my Nokia N900

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