About Us

Reverse Polarity has been deploying and supporting open-source and open standards technology solutions for almost two decades. We have proven expertise in the technology industry supporting Linux, Novell, FreeBSD, Unix, Apple and Microsoft.

We have a reputation for being "the expert's expert" within the technology industry and amongst our vendor, client relations, and partnerships. Our expertise revolves around technologies and processes used to secure, stabilize and maintain network infrastructures and services.

We provide technology assessments, recommendations and solutions to fix, upgrade, maintain, and deploy network infrastructures, systems, applications, and monitoring tools that best fit our clients' situations and requirements.

Our solutions have a reputation for being stable and reliable. Each solution is strategically assessed per each client's technology needs, environments, situations, budgets and objectives.

Our main client base consists of public, private, boarding, and day schools.

Part II: Apple iPads, Apple TVs, Bonjour & AirPlay Across Subnets Using Open-Source Software

In my previous post HERE, I gave a brief description of Apple's implementation of the mDNS protocol which they named "Bonjour". I explained why the protocol does not function in a segmented (subnetted) network and described the open-source solution that we deploy for our clients which is comprised of a free, open-source Gentoo Linux (virtual) server running the open-source implementation of the mDNS protocol called "Avahi."

My goal in this post is to describe in detail exactly how to implement your very own virtual "Bonjour Gateway" in a VMware vSphere environment.


We provide technology solutions which help schools save time and money. We partner with technology departments and help with infrastructure and network systems deployment planning and implementation. Our solutions and maintenance options provide school communities with a secure, stable and reliable network.


We offer businesses innovative technology solutions and give them the most for their investments. We quickly solve issues and promote short-term and long-term planning. We create preventive maintenance and support options to instill technology security, stability, and reliability.


We help various government agencies with technology assessments, planning, deployments, support and maintenance. We evaluate their existing systems and infrastructures to help identify and meet their immediate and future technology goals.